I’m a french composer living between Berlin and Paris.

I have a long experience as a performer on stage and in studio, in different types of music which are often considered as antagonistic: Classical, Jazz, Chanson, Hardcore and Electronica to be precise.

We are usually saying that music is a language but I don’t think it is accurate: a style of music is a language. Thanks to all those musical fields and my experiences abroad when I used to live and work in France, in Japan, in UK or today in Germany, I see myself as a multilingual translator.
Depending on who I am « talking to » I will choose a certain style, a certain « je ne sais quoi » which crystallize a specific idea, a certain language.

This is the reason why I slid to pure composition: I love to transcribe feelings, ideas, words of other people into music.
I love to suggest what can’t be pictured out, I find the dialogue between images and sounds extremely interesting, I’d like to be able to transcribe everything I see, think, or feel into music.
I am pretty sure that there is some kind of a personal truth to be discovered in such a process.